iStitch Professional Embroidery Solutions

Elevate Your Embroidery Game with iStitch: Precision Like Never Before!

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A Game-Changing Machine That Redefines Ease and Excellence for Your Embroidery Business!

Introducing: iStitchPro from OmniPrint International

Your ideal mix of tranquility and efficiency. Engineered with precision in mind, this embroidery machine delivers a punch in a small package. Designed to operate with minimal noise, it creates a haven of calm as it unleashes your creativity stitch by stitch.

Whether you're embroidering intricate designs or curating merchandise with finesse, iStitchPro is your silent partner in creative success.

Quiet Operation

Embrace the Delight of Embroidering Quietly with  Whisper-Quiet Operation Feature.

Auto Centers Hoop & Design

 Saves You Time and Frustration and Ensures that Your Embroidery Projects Begin with Precision and Confidence.

3D Puff Advanced Hat Sewing System

 This Remarkable Innovation Takes Embroidery to New Heights by Enabling the Creation of Eye-Catching and Textured 3D Designs.

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Different Models to Fit Your Needs

iStitch Pro 1501C - Embroidery Solution

iStitch Pro 2001C - 20 Needle Embroidery Solution

iStitch Pro 2001C - 20 Needle Embroidery Solution

iStitch Pro 1503 - 3 Head Industrial Embroidery Machine

Whether you need swift and precise printing, vibrant color graphics, or large-scale production capabilities, our range of models ensures there's a perfect fit for every need. 

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5 Years of Confidence: 

Our Promise to Protect Your Purchase

Experience tranquility knowing you're covered with our 5-year limited warranty. This warranty comes at no extra charge and begins right after you purchase your embroidery machine*

Seamless Stitching, Limitless Possibilities: Meet Our Industrial Embroidery Masterpiece!

What Our Clients Say 

Embroidery Excellence Awaits: Immerse Yourself in our Crafted Creations!

Add High Quality Embroidery To Your Business. 

  • Wireless design transfer
  • Laser trace system 
  • Large easy to use modem 
  • 3D Puff Advance hat sewing system 
  • 97-built in fonts
  • Quiet operation

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